Apple Watch Portable Chargerband

wiTraveler Apple Watch Charger

All-in-one travel charger for the Apple® Watch

● Wireless Charger Stand

● Internal Battery w/capacity for 3 watch charge cycles

● Built-in AC Power

● Works with the Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2 & Apple Watch 3

Eliminate cables and chargers when traveling

Travel Charger for the Apple Watchband

wiTraveler - Cable Free Portable Charger

The wiTraveler is a compact watch stand / travel charger with a built in wireless power interface for the Apple Watch.
Designed for Travel with a rechargeable internal battery and a flip-out AC plug.
Eliminate the need to carry multiple charging accessories, includes a USB charging port to power Apple iPhone on the go.

Apple Watch Stand Charger

wiTraveler - Wall Plug Charging

Use the charging stand while plugged into wall socket. Charge the Apple Watch and the wiTraveler internal batteries at the same time. The only Apple Watch charger that can do everything!

wiTraveler - Super compact and light Apple Watch Stand.

The only device that can charge on the move, strap on the watch and drop into your computer case or purse.
Patented design allows for multiple uses. An excellent value when compared to buying a watch stand, charging cable, power supply and battery system separately.

Apple Watch Charging Dock
Size 60mm (height) x 42mm (width) x 40mm (thick)
Weight 110g or 3.9oz
Technical 1400 mAh high density lithium polymer rechargeable battery
Materials Abrasion resistant Polycarbonate
Certification CE, ROHS, FCC
Charge Inputs Charges with built-in 110-240V AC to 1.1A 5v DC Adapter
Wirelss and Wired Outputs 5V AC 326.5kHz (Inductive tight couple) as well as 5V DC 1A USB

Works with 38 and 42mm versions of Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition, Apple Watch First, Second and Third Generation

wiTraveler Limited Time Offer- $39.00 USD

International Delivery Billed Separately